Q: Is there Free Wifi at the Hotel?

A:Yes, we have Free Wifi Access in all areas of the Hotel and Rooms.

Q: Is there a possibility of a PC with Internet facilities at the Hotel?

A: Yes, we have a PC Station, with Internet facility at the end of our Lounge area, just before the Hotel shop, which operate with a code which can be obtained from our Reception Desk. For printing possibilities please contact the Reception or our Public Relations Officer. Internet access can also be provided in our “Quiet” Lounge where you can directly connect your laptop.

Q: Are there Tea/Coffee making facilities in the Hotel Rooms?

A: Tea & Coffee making facilities, which include a kettle, cups, saucers and spoons, are available for free use in your room. They include an initial pack of Tea, Coffee, milk and sugar sachets are provided free of charge. If you would like more supplies of Tea/Coffee/Milk/Sugar sachets please ask at the Reception Desk. Supplies are replaced only “on request” (no charge).

Q: We are leaving the Hotel late on our day of departure, can we keep our room until we leave?

A: The Official International Check Out time is 12.00 noon. We of course try, if it is possible, to assist our guests by offering the facility of a “Late Check Out”, which is subject to availability and cannot be confirmed until your actual day of departure. The charge depends on the time we can secure the extension.Please note however that we have a number of courtesy rooms available for use by departing guests “on request basis” without charge.

Q: We are arriving early on the day of our arrival, can we have an immediate access to our room?

A: The Official International Check-in is 14.00 hrs. When flights dictate that an early arrival to the Hotel is necessary, we recommend that our guests reserve their room from the day before to ensure immediate access to their reserved room. If there is a possibility to offer an early access facility, then please note that early check in charges may apply, subject to the time from which the room is required. If we are not able to offer this possibility our guests can place their luggage in a special room provided and start to use the facilities, ie pool, sun bed and umbrellas until their room is ready which will be at the very latest 14.00 hrs.Alternatively, please note however that we have a number of courtesy rooms available for use arriving guests “on request basis” without charge.

Q: Is there a “Dress Code” to follow when staying at the Hotel.

A: Smart Casual wear is normal during day-time throughout the Hotel. However, guests are kindly requested not to sit in bathing suits in the Lobby, Indoor Bar or Restaurant.It is usual to dress for Dinner, shorts above the knee (sports or hot pants), flip flops or sleeveless T-Shirts are not permitted.

Q: What is the electrical supply in Cyprus and do I need an adaptor?

A: The electrical supply is 240 Volts/AC and the sockets in the rooms are for 3 pin plugs.For any appliances with 2 pins, adaptors are available free on request from Reception with returnable deposit charge.

Q: I am travelling with a breathing machine, which must work continually throughout the night and provide me with a constant flow of air. Will this be a problem?

A: Although our rooms are fitted with a very sensitive sensor (activated by the slightest movement) for energy saving, In the very rare case that the electricity will deactivate, we can manually override this system to provide continual electricity. Guests who have such health issues are kindly requested to advise us.

Q: I have made a booking on Bed and Breakfast Terms and would like to consider upgrading my terms during my stay.Is this possible?

A: Yes, an upgrade of terms can be arranged at any time following your arrival (directly with our Reception Team) for a minimum period of 4 consecutive days and upwards. Our guests can consider upgrades to Half Board, Full Board, All Inclusive and Ultra All Inclusive terms. Please note that All Inclusive and Ultra All Inclusive privileges run from 12.00 noon on the day that the upgrade is taken until 12.00 noon on the day that it finishes.

Q: I have made a booking for a Twin Inland View room and after checking your website I see that you have larger Family rooms that have a view of the sea. Is it possible get one of these rooms?

A: Upgrades of view type and/or room type (ie from Double/Twin to Family or to Mezzanine or Premier family type room) can certainly be arranged subject to availability through payment of the respective upgrade supplement. It is highly recommended that this kind of upgrade is prebooked either through your Travel Agency or Directly with the Hotel before your arrival to avoid disappointment. Family room types are limited in number normally in great demand during the summer school holiday months.

Q: Is there a possibility to have an Iron & Ironing Board in the Room?

A. Yes. You can request an iron and ironing board for use in your room. They are free of charge. Please contact the Reception Desk. A small deposit is requested for the use of these items, which is returnable when the items are returned in good condition

Q: Is there are Fridge in the Room, if so what is the charge?

A: We do not have “fridges” in our Hotel rooms.Each room is equipped with a Mini Bar which is free of charge to use. Our guests can place their own supplies in the Mini Bar. .All that we ask our guests is that they do not “overload” the mini bar and not to treat it like a household refrigerator that way risking malfunction. It is also possible to order drinks to be placed in the mini bar which are with charge. Please fill the mini-bar list (found on the top of the Mini Bar) with items of your choice and give it to the Reception. They will be delivered to your room’s Mini Bar as soon as possible. Alternatively, please call the Bar (extension 519) and give your order. Please note importantly, however, that food or drink purchased from outside of the Hotel cannot be consumed in any of the Hotel’s Bars, Restaurants, Grounds and Seating areas.

Q: We are travelling with a baby and we must regularly boil water.Is there a kettle in the room?

A: Yes, a kettle is provided in the room (in the form oftea/coffee making facilities with a small supply of accompanying supplies of Tea/Coffee/Milk & Sugar sachets.This facility is provided for the free use of our guests and refill of supplies are provided free of charged “on request” (alternatively you can provide your own supplies of tea and coffee). Also each room is equipped with a Thermos to keep hot (or cold) water in for a later use.

Q: Are there any cooking facilities in the room?

A: No, our Hotel does not provide for “self catering” equipment and, for Health & Safety reasons, it is strictly not permitted to provide personal equipment for cooking purposes in the rooms.

Q: Do you provide gluten free food?

A: We can provide gluten free bread, on request, and we always have a chef on hand to explain what food is safe to eat for people with this condition, however, as our meals are served in buffet form, it is not possible for us to guarantee no contamination with gluten based meals and of course we cannot be held responsible for food that clients may consume outside of the Hotel or the area of the Restaurant.

Q: Do you have Vegetarian meal options?

A: Yes we provide a good variety of vegetarian options on our breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets in the form of Cereals, Breads, Margarine, Jams (including diabetic variety), Syrups, Salads, Dressings, Hot vegetables, beans, rice and pasta dishes (in daily rotation) and selections of Desserts and Fresh Fruits. We also have Vegetarian options on our A la Carte Menu.

Q: Will my room have a double bed or must I request this?

A: If you prefer to have a double bed you should “request” it when booking. The majority of our rooms have twin beds that can be connected together to make one double size bed, whereby, if requested we can place an additional top mattress to provide more comfort.We have a very limited number of specific “double size” beds, which can of course be requested at no additional charge but, although eve

Q: I do not like soft beds and soft or extra pillows, can I request for them?

A: If you feel that your bed is too hard (or too soft) for your comfort please ask at our Reception Desk for a soft (or hard) mattress to be arranged in your room.We have various types of mattresses or mattress toppers that can be provided to give you the level of comfort that you prefer. It is important to add that we also have a range of “pillow options” for your maximum comfort. You can ask for an extra pillow or change of your pillows to the form of a thicker, feather or memory foam types.

Q: I will be arriving to your Hotel by car, do you have a car park? If so, is there a charge or procedure for parking?

A: We have various on-site parking areas which are free for use by our guests. They are barrier controlled parking areas and in the very busy periods of the season when we deem it necessary to close the barriers, we issue all our guests with cars or bikes with a special entry card. The entry card is free of charge, only a small deposit is requested for the card, which is returnable when the guest returns the card.The parking areas are clearly marked and we have disabled parking places. Guests are politely reminded that parking in front of the Hotel (other than for short timed off-loading of guests and luggage) or in front of emergency exits is not permitted.

Q: What is the difference between All Inclusive and Ultra All Inclusive terms?

A: With All Inclusive you are entitled to:
Full board with buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main Alkion restaurant.  Local wine, water (by carafe) and soft drinks (by glass) available in main restaurant during meal times. Snacks, ice-cream by the scoop, tea/coffee and biscuits available in the Coral Bar (lobby area) 11 am to 11 pm (excluding meal times).
Unlimited locally produced beer, spirits, soft drinks, wine and water (by the glass) from the Coral Main Bar 10.00 am until midnight (vintage local wine and spirits, and imported drinks are not included in All Inclusive and incur extra charge) and from Sirena Pool Bar from 10.00 until 18.30 hrs

With Ultra All Inclusive you are entitled to:
Full board with buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main ‘Alkion Restaurant’

In the Alkion Restaurant, All bottled and house wines from our wine lists (excluding a few vintage wines and  French champagne), all local and imported beers and spirits (excluding very few Premium brands), soft drinks, juices, water, tea, coffee and milk-shakes are included in your meals (practically everything on the Bar Lists).

You are also entitled to have a wide choice of items from all our Food & Beverage menus (very limited items are excluded and are marked by U), ie free snacks, meals, local and imported alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, milk-shakes and ice creams, at the following bars:
Coral Bar – Drinks served from 10.00 until 12.00 hrs
Coral Bar – Meals & Snacks and Sweets served from 11.00 until 23.00 hrs
Sirena  Pool Bar – Drinks and Ice Creams served from 10.00 until 18.30 hrs
Sirena  Pool Restaurant Meals, Snacks and Drinks served from 13.00 until 15.30 hrs
The Kafeneion – Drinks served from 10.00 until 18.30 hrs
Alkion Restaurant for A la Carte meals (very limited items are excluded and are marked by U)
Argo A la Carte Restaurant (very limited items are excluded and are marked by U)
Seaweed Sushi Bar – (very limited items are excluded and are marked by U)
Stone Grill Restaurant – (very limited items are excluded and are marked by U)
Sea Sha Lounge Bar – (very limited items are excluded and are marked by U)

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