Civil Marriage

Civil Marriage Information

(Information applicable for 2018)

*Documentation required by Paralimni Municipality for a Civil Marriage at Paralimni Town Hall* or in authorised wedding venues

*The parties should be in the position to present legal documents as follows (importantly applying to British Nationality Passport Holders,
as there is a different procedure for Irish Nationality):

  • Copies of Birth Certificates (should be the long version of the birth certificate)
  • Passports (and copies of the information pages of both parties passports)
  • Solicitors Statutory Declaration / Affidavit (as per British Law Act 1835) for each person which is dated, stamped and signed, stating that the individual is free to marry (this certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of issue unless indicated otherwise).
  • In the case of foreigners who have been living in Cyprus for more than a year, a certificate from the Ministry of Interior is needed. Its date of issue must not be more than two months.
  • Original Decree Absolute in the case where an individual is divorced.
  • Death certificate of their late partner in the case of widowhood.
  • Name change documents – deed poll if any
  • Copies of passports of two adult witnesses (above the age of 18)
  • If either party of the intended marriage, not being a widower or widow, is under 18 years of age the written consent of the father, or (if he is deceased or incapable of consenting), of the mother, or the lawful guardian of such party, must be produced to the Marriage Officer.

-All documents must be translated into either Greek or English.

-It must be stressed that the names used for the wedding certificate are taken from the passports.  

-The marriage ceremony is very simple and lasts around 10-15 minutes at the end of which the couple are given one original Certificate of Marriage signed by them, the witnessed and the marriage officer.

*Fees for Special Marriage Licence:

  • € 282.00 payable to the Town Hall in cash on the day when the Special Marriage Licence Application is made.
  • Additional € 171.00 if couple wish to get married at the Hotel in which they are staying (providing it has been approved by Municipality). Total charge of € 453.00.
  • Certified True Copy of the original marriage certificate € 13.67.

Contact Details

Irene or Maria (Wedding Registry Office),
Paralimni Municipality, Antoni Papadopoulou 6, PO Box 33033,
5310 Paralimni Cyprus.
Tel: (00357) 23-744268
Fax: (00357) 23-744267

*Information as received from Municipality. No responsibility held in case of changes
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