How to Book

Cavo Maris Beach Hotel is eager and ready to assist you in making a booking for a holiday with us, directly with us, through our website or through a Tour (or Internet) Operator. The Hotel is usually operating yearly during the period from last week of April until the end of October – beginning of November.

Book Online now is our live online booking system that provides you with the ability to receive immediate availability and price information and allows you to easily but quickly and directly confirm your holidays. We strongly advise you to watch frequently our website, as regularly some special offers (sometimes really generous) are appearing there and they apply only if a reservation is made from there. These special offers are usually available for a limited time span.

Reservations together with a lot more information and updates, are also possible through our Facebook  social media site. We recommend that you follow it as frequently as possible

Reservation Enquiry is our existing and continuing system that allows you to make a direct e-mail personal enquiry and/or request information or ask for your preferences or special requests/requirements regarding a possible booking.

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Cavo Maris Beach Hotel We are happy that you are visiting our Cavo Maris Beach Hotel website. We hope that this visit will be a motive to you for spending your holidays with us. We wish to assure you that every stay with us is a truly memorable experience.