Meetings – Conferences – Syndicate Rooms

The following numbered Room are the available individual or combinations of Meeting, Conference or Syndicate areas on offer. The choice is really very extensive to satisfy every possible need or requirement.

The origin of the Rooms 1 to 8 comes from some of the highest tops of Pentadaktylos range of Mountains.

Full Conference and Events Inventory Handout

Conference room maps

Kornos Room


Ideal for small private meetings, small working groups (as part of a bigger Conference, Bridge Rooms, Individual Romantic Dinners or Board Meetings of Companies.

Giaelas Room


Same use as the above ‘Kornos’. Both ‘Giaelas’ and ‘Kornos’ can also be used as “Press Centres”, Secretariats, Coffee Breaks/Open Bar/Coctails etc.

Bufavento Conference/Meeting Room

Ideal for moderate size Meetings or Conferences, Functions Receptions. Parties, Weddings, Dancing Groups etc.

Ayios Elias Room


It is the Ideal place for a bigger sized Boardroom meeting but it can also serve perfectly for a smaller Function or Reception, Small Private Meetings, Working Groups (part of a bigger Conference), Coffee Breaks/Open Bar/Coctails etc.

Allonagra Room


Same as ‘Agios Ilias’. Both ‘Alonagra’ and ‘Agios Ilias’ are identical in size with only difference that ‘Agios Ilias’ is located slightly higher elevation and the ‘Alonagra’ in slightly lower elevation than the ‘Bufavento’. As such both can also serve as bigger Secretariats, or rooms for more sophisticated services such as Offices for Translators in case Simultaneous Translations are requested.

Ayios Ilarion Room


Is a combination of ‘Giaelas’ and ‘Kornos’. It ideally serves as Demonstration or Exhibition area, “Press Centres”, Secretariats, Coffee Breaks/Open Bar/Cocktails of bigger Conferences held in ‘Kantara’ Room. It can also be used for smaller Conferences, Meetings, or Board Meetings of Companies, Private Dinners/Parties/Receptions, Athletic Groups etc.

Kantara Meeting/Conference Room


Is a combination of ‘Agios Ilarion’ and ‘Bufavento’. It is Ideal for bigger size Meetings, Conferences, Private Functions, Weddings, Dancing Groups etc.

Olympos Meeting/Conference/Congress Room


Is a combination of ‘Kantara’ and ‘Agios Ilias’. It is ideal for very big size Meetings. Conferences or Conventions. It can also serve perfectly for bigger Functions, Weddings, Dinners, Receptions etc.

Klearchos Meeting/Conference Room


It located in the Ground floor of our Conference Centre but perfectly connected with the rest of the Centre either by lift or by stairs. It is Ideal for bigger size Meetings, Conferences, Functions, Weddings, Dinners, Receptions etc.

Quite Room


The “Quiet Lounge” adjoins the main Hotel Lounge area and offers a private place for small meetings, registration lounge or coffee break lounge.

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