Loyalty Schemes

At the Cavo Maris Beach Hotel, we truly value and highly respect our guests. We certainly treat them all with the same friendly and hospitable manner. Of course we greatly appreciate those of our guests that choose to return to us again and again. Their repeated visits are for us the best encouragement to continue our work, helping us to maintain and improve our standards. To express our gratitude, as a way of saying “thank you” and to show them our extra bit of appreciation we are offering something extra to look forward on every added time they honour us by choosing our hotel for a new stay with us.

In an effort to prove that “Welcome Home” is not meaningless for us, we have created two generous Loyalty Schemes as follows:

1. We have for a long time now, our “Happy Repeater Program” ( click here )  with extra added benefits for every repeat visit to our hotel. It consists of various offers and gifts on arrival and departure in offers in kind and in services during the stay. It also gives the opportunity to benefit from the gradually increasing discounts on their bills.

2. The “Bonus Points For All” ( click here ) is another Loyalty Scheme Program whereby, for every new visit, we reward our guests with added points on to their membership account with us. Those points can be exchanged with benefits from free accommodation days or upgrade of rooms and/or terms. On top of that, extra points can be added also to the membership account of our repeater guests when they recommend the Cavo Maris Beach Hotel to their friends and family. This program gives, also to the recommended guest extra benefits in kind.

Please make sure that you don’t miss the benefits gained with this program as we are confident that you recommend us anyway.

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Cavo Maris Beach Hotel We are happy that you are visiting our Cavo Maris Beach Hotel website. We hope that this visit will be a motive to you for spending your holidays with us. We wish to assure you that every stay with us is a truly memorable experience.