Bonus Points “For All” Program

To show you that our appreciation of your repeat visits just never stops, we have introduced our new “Bonus Points For All” program to give you even more. With every visit to the Cavo Maris Beach Hotel, or with every recommendation you make to family and friends, you can earn bonus points which can then be redeemed for upgrades giving you more for your money. For every room night spent at the Cavo Maris Beach Hotel, you can earn 10 bonus points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can upgrade the view of your room or the basis to stay on.

With every completed Recommendation Voucher presented to our Reception Team, there is another € 25.00 for you to spend in the hotel. We are already giving away Gift Points to our Repeaters to give you a head start.

Bonus Points for All Program (click here)

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Cavo Maris Beach Hotel We are happy that you are visiting our Cavo Maris Beach Hotel website. We hope that this visit will be a motive to you for spending your holidays with us. We wish to assure you that every stay with us is a truly memorable experience.