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Swimming Pool

1. Please take a shower before entering the pool.

2. Please refrain from driving into the pool especially in the shallow areas
3. The swimming pool is unguarded however the spa is equipped to provide life saving measures should they be needed
4. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult
5. No more than 18 bathers are permitted in the pool at any one time
6. The Swimming pool open hours are from 09:00 – 18:00
7. The Spa accepts no responsibility for any items or valuables left unattended
8. Please avoid balls, games and “lilos” of any sort as these tend to disturb other holidaymakers

Individuals not adhering to these policies risk the possibility to be asked to leave the facility.
The Management reserves the right to act accordingly with anyone who violates these rules.


Waves Bar

A rich variety of Coffees and other hot Beverages, Refreshments, Juice, Beers, Spirits and Cocktails are on offer from our “Waves Bar” and the Cafeteria in the Spa. Please note that this Bar is not included in our normal All Inclusive terms. (It is however included in our Ultra All Inclusive plan).

Bar Menu List (click here)